Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday Lunch in London

On reflection I am horrified at my idleness.  Its been years since I had a proper London Sunday lunch with family. My niece who in my minds eye is still a 20 something has a proper grown up house in Bromley. Normally, back in the old days,  I would leap to assist, lay the table, empty the dishwasher, basically anything to avoid conversations with  close relatives.   But on this occasion I was so happy to let the younger lot get on with it and boy did they impress. My super cool  nephew, did a sterling roast pork, and  managed to transform a bland sainsburys wasabi sauce that looked like pale green paint into something desirable and edible, with a dash of soy.
 My niece,  stylish in a super sexy black  onesie, with tears in all the appropriate places. who still looks like a 25 year old, even with  a baby and  a 16 year old in tow, managed to make a fabulous roast duck, stir fry and then she produced the most yummy profiteroles ever. No better feeling ever than hanging out with family. Ace.