Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Dogme 95 Chef: Royal Brunei vegan airline meal

The Dogme 95 Chef: Royal Brunei vegan airline meal: On my London to Melbourne 24 hour journey I ordered vegan to be safe- the fruit platter I got on an Emirates flight was covered in milk choc...

Rainy Day Late Lunch

Be Kind..
sometimes a thankless task. 
and for those of us putting this into practice 
don't expect any instant gratification or rewards. 

salmon toasted with soy and sesame
you would imagine its a relatively easy dish,
but hunger at its all time peak, 
a rainy day,  girlfriend catching up on on Skype,
fire going out, partner needs his post, my multitasking skills are failing me today. 
and basically my long looked forward to lunch is a 
hurried and unpalatable mush of crispy burnt 
barely edible fish, 

next time... vow to approach this in a more positive frame of mind.